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Cross Industry Solutions

Developed by independent partners, solution extensions integrate easily with SAP software – offering cross-solution and cross-industry functionality that complement SAP solution capabilities. To ensure the highest quality, SAP tests, validates, approves, and supports partner-developed solutions – assuring you of SAP quality, commitment, and support, and greater return on investment. Nambiti offers the following solution extensions, categorized by line of business below, followed by the complete list of offerings:

SAP - Financials

SAP Financials gives customers the ability to track financial accounting data within an international framework of multiple companies, languages, currencies and accounts.
Strategy & Enterprise Management Business Analytics 
Stakeholder Relationship Management
Strategy Management
Performance Measurement
Strategic Planning and Simulation
Business Consolidation
Financial Analytics
Customer Relationship Analytics
Supply Chain Analytics
E-Commerce/Marketplace Analytics
Human Resources Analytics
Product Lifecycle Analytics
Accounting  Financial Operations 
Financial Statement
General Ledgers and Subledgers
Revenue and Cost Accounting
Job and Project Accounting
Product and Service Cost Calculation
Electronic Bill Presentment, Payment and Settlement
Collaborative Financial Processing
Invoice Verification and Processing
Bank Process and Relationship Management
Allocation of Shared Service

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SAP HCM -Human Resources

SAP Human Resources provides the necessary tools to align corporate strategy with individual goals to become key drivers for today's and tomorrow's human resources practices.
Core functions Strategy 
Organizational Management
Time Management
Legal Reporting
Organizational Development
Total Reward (Compensation, Benefits, Pension)
Learning and Development
Knowledge Management
Analytics  Enabling Solutions 
Strategic Alignment
Balanced Scorecard
Management by Objectives (MBO)
Workforce Analysis
Benchmarking and Reporting
HR Professional Portals
Manager Portals
Employee Portals
Applicant Portals
Mobile Computing

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SAP Portals - Enterprise Portals

Enterprise Portals delivers the promise of true e-business by unifying every business process in the corporate ecosystem for Strategic advantage and profitability.
Key functional areas
Convenient Access
Drag & Relate
Single Sign-On
Internet Security
Portal Builder
Web Content Management
Search and Classification
Publish and Subscribe
Session Management

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SAP CRM - Customer Relationship Management

SAP Customer relationship management provides companies with customer-centric solutions they need to plan, build and maintain profitable customer relationships. SAP CRM facilitates closed-loop customer interactions through all phases of the customer relationship lifecycle - from customer engagement and business transactions to order fulfillment and customer service.
Customer Engagement Order Fulfillment
Marketing Planning and Campaign Management
Telemarketing and Lead Generation
Opportunity Management
Sales Activity and Contact Management
Customer Segmentation, Product and Service Profiling.
Complete Order Lifecycle Process
Real-Time Availability Checks
Contract, Billing, and Financials Management
Fulfillment Visibility and Order Tracking
Business Transactions Customer Service
Order Acquisition
Internet Pricing and Configuration
Field Sales
Profitability Analysis
One-Step Buying and Selling
Interaction Centre
Internet Customer Self-Service
Service Management
Claims Management
Field Service
Integration of Marketplace Services

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SAP SRM - Supplier Relationship Management

SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) provides the collaborative business processes companies need to evaluate, enable and engage their entire supply base. With it companies can provide timely, relevant information for every facet of their procurement and sourcing strategy.
Evaluating the supply and sourcing strategy  Enabling the supply base 
Supply strategy development
Supplier qualification
Supplier selection
Contract negotiation and management
Supplier self services
Content management
Engaging the supply relationship 
Operational sourcing
Self-service procurement
Plan-driven procurement
Relationship monitoring

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SAP SCM - Supply Chain Management

With SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) customers and business partners communicate more directly and share more information while the work gets done. In short SAP SCM transforms supply chain management from a linear, sequential process into a collaborative community enabling customers, partners and suppliers to synchronise thier supply chain activities.
Key functional areas of SCM 
Supply Chain Collaboration
Supply Chain Hub
Supply Chain Event Manager
Supply Chain Performance Management
Supply Chain Design
Demand on Supply Planning
Direct Procurement
Order Fulfillment

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SAP BI - Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence provides the most comprehensive set of solutions to gather information, turn information into knowledge and navigate one's industry successfully - anywhere, anytime.
Key functional areas of Business Intelligence 

Data Warehousing
Reporting and Analysis
Information Deployment
Planning and Simulation
Knowledge Management
Web Content Management
Web-Based Information Cockpits
Business Performance Management
Stakeholder Relationship Management
Strategy Management
Analytical Applications (Customer Relationship Analytics,

Enterprice Analytics & E-Commerce Analytics)


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SAP PLM - Product Lifecycle Management

SAP Product Lifecycle Management creates a collaborative environment to manage, track and control all product information over the complete product and asset lifecycle, through a quality driven, extended supply chain.
Key functional areas of Product Lifecycle Management 
Asset Lifecycle Management
Lifecycle Data Management
Program and Project Management
Lifecycle Collaboration
Quality Management
Environment, Health & Safety

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