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ICT Product Sales

Nambiti Technologies ICT Solutions offers a wide range of IT support services for small to large enterprises, government as well as private sector companies. As part of our service to clients, Nambiti Technologies is constantly investigating ways of implementing new technologies at a reasonable cost. Nambiti has experienced rapid growth over the past few years, gaining a reputation for its professionalism and responsiveness.


Computer Hardware(Notebooks, PC’s & Servers,Network Switches & Routers,Printer & Scanning Solutions)

In general, ICT products can be divided into two types: hardware and software.

Hardware is the physical parts of a computer system, including the monitor, central processing unit, memory, storage disks, printers and scanners, and network equipment, such as routers and servers. Nambiti provide comprehensive sales of such hardware solutions which comes from a wide range of brand, quality, and price.


The hardware solutions that Nambiti distribute include:


  • Computer & Laptop – workstation, server, notebook, netbook, etc.
  • Computer Components & Parts – Graphic card, sound card, etc.
  • Computer Peripheral – CD/DVD drive, printer, scanner etc.
  • Consumable – CD/DVD-ROM, printer’s toner/cartridge, etc.
  • Network Peripherals & Device – Switch, WiFi, Cable, RJ45, etc.

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Software Solutions

Software is the programs or other “instructions” that a computer or ICT device needs to perform specific tasks, thus, making it as an essential component in ICT. Examples of software include word processors, e-mail clients, web browsers, video games, spreadsheets, accounting tools and operating systems. From the understanding that software is an essential component in ICT, Nambiti offers a variety of software such as Microsoft Windows operating systems to complex systems such as database systems.


Software solutions that Nambiti distribute include:


  • Operating System (O/S) – Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Linux Redhat, etc.
  • Office Application – MS Office 2007, Lotus Smartsuite, etc.
  • Antivirus Application – Symantec, e-Scan, Kaspersky, etc.
  • Accounting Application – MYOB, UBS Accounting, etc.
  • Multimedia & Graphic – Adobe CS5, AutoCAD, etc.

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ICT & Network Management

Nambiti’ ICT Management is a service whereby all of the technology resources of the firm are managed in accord with the company’s needs and priorities; referring to the IT related management activities in organizations. Those resources include tangible investments like:


  • Hardware assembly, installation, & configuration – CCTV, computer, server, laptop, printer, etc
  • Software installation & configuration – E-mail, windows, antivirus, accounting, etc.
  • Data & Information – Website configuration, data entry, etc.
  • Labor – for the ICT products installation, configuration, testing, commissioning, maintenance & more.
  • ICT networking is about linked devices within a building or group of adjacent buildings or over the Internet. Nambiti offers "Network Management Services" to help organization or client to improve their communication for business, leisure, and other uses.

IT Security Solutions

Our focus on Strategy & Architecture provides an end to end view of all the people activities, business processes and technology platforms that make up the internal and external organisational enterprise.


 We do not believe security should be an afterthought. Typical ("old fashioned") hard perimeters expose the corporation's soft internal core. Today, layered architecture, multiple access controls and role based authentication and identity access management architectures are the norm. From Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) developing enterprise security strategies to hard-core technophiles focused on niche security protocols we can provide a complete services mix to our clients. From short term assessments to long term projects.


  • IT Security Assessments
  • IT Security Lifecycle Management Services
  • Intrusion Detection Solutions
  • Network Security
  • Security Policy
  • Risk Management
  • Contingency Planning
  • Incident Handling
  • Firewalls

Storage & Backup Solutions

Nambiti specialise in the supply of computer back-up storage solutions. We have been involved within the storage industry since 1997 and have developed extensive product knowledge and have agreements with major storage manufacturers throughout South Africa


We offer a wide spectrum of products, from the very latest tape drive technologies, LTO-4, to discontinued older technologies, DLT and SDLT, and everything that sits in between.


We also offer comprehensive workshop facilities, including service and refurbishment on a wide range of tape drives, autoloaders and library tape drives.


Our other workshop services include certified data destruction, data recovery and tape recycling schemes.


So if your requirement is for new, old or repairs - we've got it covered!


For further information, please contact our Team on (012) 654 4557 or submit your request by filling this form.