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IT Project Management

Information Systems (IS) projects are part of all modern enterprises. The Programme in Project Management (IS) of Nambiti Technologies exposes those owning, managing and taking leadership roles on projects with an Information Technology (IT) component to project management principles and techniques, as well as the latest thinking and research on IS project management and the factors which influence success.

What sets this intervention apart

IS projects are often faced with technical, process and people challenges, and the dismal success rates of IS projects are well known. Research has indicated that project success rates are positively influenced by organisational maturity, adherence to established project management principles, and strong project leadership by suitably qualified and experienced project managers.

 The Programme in Project Management (IS) focuses on the discipline of project management by discussing and putting into context the various approaches to managing and executing projects without alignment to any of these approaches. Nambiti thus ensures that those completing the programme will not only have the ability to manage an IS project, but are also left with a clear career path for their personal development.

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