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Microsoft Dynamics CRM



Microsoft CRM, along with Microsoft's ERP applications, falls under the Microsoft Dynamics family and is available in on-premise and hosted models. Regardless of your model or deployment preference, the beauty is that the product is always the same, i.e., the user interface and functionality never change. More importantly, Microsoft Dynamics CRM works the way your users do. Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is served up inside Outlook, there is almost no learning curve for your users. This in turn accelerates user adoption.

The concept is a simple one; give users a tool that is easy to use and helps them be more efficient and they will use it. And, on the IT side of the house, provide IT with a product that supports any model of deployment and is integrated with Windows, SQL, and Exchange and they will also be happy as these are technologies they are already familiar with.

Microsoft CRM comes with three out of the box modules; sales, service, and marketing, that enable confident decision making and will increase business productivity. Even more important than the out of the box modules is the framework the application is built on. By leveraging the framework it is possible to build a line of business application specific your company. 

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